"I want to do what’s best to protect education going forward for Kansas City students." ~ Matthew Oates



  • Strong governance best practices
  • Expanding early childhood education seats 
  • Increased community/business engagement in Sub-District 2 Schools
  • Hiring a superintendent with vision and skills to continue progress towards accreditation and beyond

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are you running? 

The school district is in a good place given its recent years of progression toward accreditation. I want to see this effort through to full accreditation and help improve the quality of education for Kansas City students.

Why should I support Matt Oates for School Board? 

I am an advocate for public school education and huge advocate of children. I want to do what’s best for them and what’s best for our city. With full accreditation looming, the school district is on the cusp of something major. But it’s also in a sensitive, vulnerable position. I want to do what’s best to protect education going forward for Kansas City students.

What is your stance on Academie-Lafayette?

Academie-Lafayette is an excellent school and an intriguing potential partner for the district, one which the district should investigate and consider. We need to be certain our students’ welfare is of the utmost importance, though. We need to be sure that we’re not partnering with Academie-Lafayette at the expense of our own students. 

What are your thoughts on the superintendent search? 

My ideal superintendent candidate would be someone with local ties and experience in Kansas City and Jefferson City, someone who understands the political and educational landscape that they must traverse. There was great value in having Dr. Green as superintendent because he was a Kansas City-area resident and had worked in local education at the Kauffman Foundation before becoming superintendent. Bringing an outsider up to speed would be a tall task, especially considering that we need to be fully accredited by Fall 2016. We don’t need disruptions or fancy pilot programs. Our fundamentals must be strong, and a local candidate who understands the current climate would be best. If it turns out that the best candidate does not have a connection to Kansas City, they need to be intentional about creating opportunities to engage the community starting on the first day. 

How do you feel about Border Star Montessori School? 

I am for renovation or a new building. Either would benefit students greatly.