Setting the standard


Continuing good governance: We want to maintain collaborative relationship between the school board and superintendent as well as continue transparent accountability and monitoring of the district’s academic and operating practices.

Reestablishing Feeders: An educational landscape that offers an efficient, accessible and quality learning environments reduces anxiety for families trying to navigate that landscape. We will reestablish feeder patterns to improve the educational experience for all district families.

Executing the budget: We must continue prioritizing  the needs of schools and instruction by finding efficiencies in operating and administrative costs. Continue maximizing and protecting  local, state and federal revenues for the district. Maintain fiduciary responsibilities to all taxpayers.


Creating equity: Every student should have access to quality education. This is important in a system that boasts a 40-percent annual mobility rate in a city with affordable housing issues.


Improving teacher recruitment: Fewer people are entering the profession; we will find the creative solutions to ensure we can recruit and retain quality certified teachers in every classroom.




Elevating the norm


Improving academic outcomes: I am proud of the work by students, faculty, staff, administration and my board colleagues to achieve accreditation. It’s a milestone, a marker to remind us of a greater destination. We want to ensure a KCPS diploma prepares our graduates to lead a fulfilled life.

Expanding access to early learning: I voted to expand to 1,200 no-fee Pre-Kindergarten seats in the district. I will continue advocating for an adequate revenue stream to expand equitable access to early childhood education (ECE) opportunities for families.

Increasing access to technology: We must ensure students have access to relevant technology for 21st century learning. We must create partnerships to expand access to broadband technology in student communities and invest in technology backed by research, implemented in its intended form and monitored for desired outcomes.

Preparing students for life after KCPS: We must ensure the district is constantly preparing students for an ever-changing economy. This means providing every student the knowledge and experiences to be college and career ready.